Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are a fabulous way to welcome new members to the family and community and there is no restriction of age!  This unique ceremony is just right for your new born, toddler, teenager or adopted child and even when two families join together following a marriage, they may choose to mark the occasion with a Naming Ceremony to cement their new commitment to their melded family.

As your celebrant I will guide you through all the aspects and choices of the ceremony you wish to include, the candle or sand ceremony always a favourite.  Families usually choose a Naming Ceremony in place of a religious Christening or Baptism as this just doesn’t feel right for them.  However, if you wish to include a blessing or prayer in your personalised ceremony I am more than happy to do this for you.  What you will have is a personal and unique Naming Ceremony full of love and joy at this wonderfully emotional, exciting and happy ceremony, which can be held anywhere of your choosing, even at home or in your own garden!